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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Positive Human Interventions on Biodiversity: Defenders of Wildlife

With so many emphasized negative effects made by humans on Earth, it is rare to find something that humans have created that is working towards a positive effect on the Earth. But when something of the sort is found, it is really refreshing to see what we can do to save what we have been given. After all, we must leave the world better than we found it, and nowadays with media's portrayal, there seem to be more negative impacts than positive we have on the world. However, there are still organizations and many people who try to help the Earth, and more specifically, preserve biodiversity.
While trying to find an example of a positive impact we are having on the world by sustaining our biodiversity, I found this organization that seemed promising. It's called Defenders of Wildlife. It was founded in 1947 as, and 60 years later, this organization employs over 150 professionals, and has 500 000 members worldwide. These people are all dedicated to the mission of "protecting species and the habitats upon which they depend." To get this mission accomplished, they focus on "preserving the health of out nation's rich biological heritage (biodiversity)."

These are stained glass window panels, depicting all the wildlife and habitats protected by Defenders of Wildlife
Today, this organization is based in Washington, D.C., but their mission is not only based there. They work around the world, protecting biodiversity everywhere.

The organization is involved in many ways trying to protect biodiversity everywhere. Some examples of their involvements are: "Help Save Pelicans and Sea Turtles" and "Support a New Beginning for Wolves".

One of the many animals that Defenders of Wildlife has been helping out.

For a full list of the things that they are doing, visit: Defenders of Wildlife, Current Actions

Defenders of Wildlife offers various ways to help out, but the easiest way to help out with the cause is to donate money. By becoming a member and helping out, they will give you a free gift (a stuffed animal, backpack), showing appreciation for what has been donated. It's very easy to give to the foundation, and donations can be given online.

There are many stories of the organizations' success, such as the Arctic wildlife getting protection from drilling for oil this year, "Tens of thousands of Defenders supporters have spoken up and contributed to our efforts against dangerous offshore drilling that threatens polar bears, bowhead whales and other Arctic wildlife."

More success stories can be found here: Defenders of Wildlife, Success Stories

This organization is very inspiring in its attempts to sustain biodiversity. It truly is a positive impact that they are trying to inflict on the world. There is much more to this organization that cannot fit into this blog, so here is the website of the organization: Defenders of Wildlife

This assignment really opened my eyes to many different organizations with amazing goals and motivations, such as Defenders of Wildlife. I've never heard of this organization before, what with all the negativity surrounding our human impacts on the world, it never really occured to me that we do do things for the environment, they are just overshadowed by the things we do against it.

Don't Almost Give Website

Defenders of Wildlife

Sea Turtles

Artic Wildlife Gains Protection from Big Oil

Defenders of Wildlife, FAQs

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  2. Hey Joan! You blog about Defenders of Wildlife was really interesting. I thought your blog had good points that made me think. I agree with you when you say that the media mostly portrays more negative impacts than positive. But like you said, although the media portrays these negative impacts there are still organizations that care for the biodiversity. I also liked how you included that the organization was helping sea turtles. This is because sea turtles are one of my favourite animals. I also think that offshore drilling has become a major problem. It can cause oil spills and pollution. I appreciate the hard work this organization puts in to preserving the safety of animals and habitats. Most of the animals they are helping are endangered or on the list of being endangered. It really makes me happy that the Defenders of Wildlife are dedicated to helping animals and protecting habitats.

  3. Hi Joan,

    I found your blog to be very interesting. I never heard about the Defenders of Wildlife organization before, so as I was reading it i learned new things. I agree with you that we should leave the world as we found it, meaning that we should also protect it while we are alive. By the Defenders of Wildlife organization putting out their time and effort on protecting species and the habitats of animals around us, it would allow us to keep our earth healthy, clean, and prosperous.

    -Shanika Henry-Steer